Hey Clashers,

We’re excited to finally have the Clash of Clans Blog up and running! Think of this page as the bulletin board outside of your Village’s Town Hall. It’s another way for us to keep you informed about the goings on in the Clash of Clans World, and to go in depth about certain elements of the game.

We’ll be posting here as often as possible, more specifically, we’ll be sharing news about updates, release notes, and more. As mentioned lately, we’re stepping up our communication efforts! We feel this blog will be a nice addition to keep you guys in the loop alongside the forums, social channels and of course, the game itself.

We hope you enjoy the new Blog, and will stop by from time to time to learn more about updates, or just clap at it a few times and then walk away.

Clash On,

The Clash of Clans Game Team